Blå Mifare 1K NFC armbånd

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  • Chip: MF 1K F08 NFC Tag

  • Weight: 20g 

  • Color: BLUE in stock

  • Diameter: 65mm 

  • Material: Silicone

  • Operation frequency: 13.56mhz

  • Detecting distance: 3-10cm

  • Standard: ISO14443A

  •       Capacity: 1024bytes , 764bytes avilable to use,manufacturer block is read only
  •      Compatible with Door Entry system,NFC Mobile Phone,Tikets,Credit Cards ,and more.

  • Easy to carry, soft

  • Water resista

  • Compatible with 13.56MHZ RFID reader to gain access control

  • No external power required.

  • Brand new card for entrance guard system.

  • It applies to access control, hotel locks, staff attendance and school campus access and payment control, identification and security systems, parking lot entry and payment, social security management, transportation payment, municipal and ancillary service payment

  • Note : if you apply for Mobile phone NFC, you should know this MF 1k tag may not support all the nfc phone.Please search on line to make sure you phone brand is support.(S50 1k NFC Tag donnot support Blackberry , Nexus 4,  samsung, S4,S6 ,Note3, MX3, MI3, LG G2 at presen we knew)


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